Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Catch Up #2... Todd's newest book, Faith's directions

Todd has been penning his latest best-seller. Only one page has a storyline, and the others have had their ink bleed through the paper so much that the scans don't look great at all. But it wasn't the story line that grabbed me. It was the credits on the cover. He sat there so intently and sounded out "illustrated" as he spelled it out. I think my little first-grader did a really good job figuring it out too! He spelled it like it sounds! Apparently, Deth Pool is a "sartit" hero. Are there any comic fans out there who can clue me in to what "sartit" is?
Now, onto the directions Faith and her friend gave me the other day to drop her off at said friend's house. Ready?

Take the road to Berryville. (okay... there is only one main road from our town to Berryville. I hope she doesn't mean one of the backroads.)
Pass the horses.(yeah.... horses... which horses, since half the town owns them??)
Turn at the corner. (which corner??? turn left or right????)
Across the street are three houses. (across the street from what???)
It's the third house. (I think I passed the wrong horses.)

Street names, people. Street names and immobile landmarks... these are the key to giving directions people can actually follow!

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