Monday, October 13, 2008

A Happy Sunday

We had a nice weekend at home. Jack had an even better weekend on his Emmaus Walk. I am leaving for my walk on Thursday, and I am looking so forward to it!

Our church sponsors a missionary in India who has built 69 churches in the last 30 years in India. This week, David was able to come visit the States, and he spoke to the youth on Wednesday and then to the congregation on Sunday. His story of faith in action is incredible. Pastor Donnie called the kids forward for the children's message, and then asked them to join him in praying for David. I look at this picture, and seeing all those little hands resting on David's arm just really touches me.

After church, we ate a quick lunch and then Beth and I took Faith for her first round of the tournament finals for her volleyball league. Here she is serving in one of the games.

The winners are determined by winning 3 out of 5 games. Faith's team rocked. All of them. These girls stood up there and quietly showed everyone teamwork in action. All of them have improved, no matter what level they started at. They call out support to one another. They cheer on their achievements and they all tell each other it is okay when a serve or play goes downhill. The team they played on Sunday for the first round of finals is the same team they beat last week. This opposing team had never lost up to this point. It was obvious that they did not like losing.

Faith's team won on Sunday, in a big way. They won all three of their games in a row, and it really wasn't even close. It took us longer to drive home than it did for them to get through the three rounds. It was exhilerating to watch, but it was their demeanor and their sportsmanship that really made me proud. They beat the team that was considered unbeatable and they did it by working so well together. Good job, girls!

Beth wanted you to see what she can almost do. She has been practicing splitting herself in half everyday, and she is almost there!

The kids and I got the front porch cleaned up during the rest of the afternoon while we waited for Jack to get home, and then played with the bugs that showed upto be chronicled in the next edition of Ozark Critters.

Here is another Willy Worm. They are all over our porch in yellow, orange, and black. They are the perfect fall critter.
The walking sticks are out and about taking afternoon strolls. Beth loves these too, almost as much as frogs. They grow so big here as well. Some I have seen are about six inches long. Of all the bugs that call the Ozarks home, I think I just might find these the most intriguing. It is incredible to me how they look like sticks, all the way down to knobby details.

Football and volleyball season is nearly over. You know what that means, right? Yep... it means I will soon be bombarding you with Kyle and Todd's basketball photos.

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