Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Live

The kids and I got up early this morning to go help distribute Angel Food. Last month the truck was late and the distribution didn't go as smoothly as it normally does. This month went really well, and we were done by noon.

Kyle was invited to spend the night at his friend's house, so we dropped him off after the distribution. On the way we saw this tree, and the boys all started laughing. I am assuming the tree was pruned this way because of the electrical lines. The boys, however, think it is because somebody on that block likes football. They are now calling it the goalpost tree.

Todd wasn't feeling well this morning, so I brought him back home and he watched a movie with Jack while I ran a couple more errands into town. One of those errands was to pick up a yard sign at the Republican Headquarters. We spent a little time visiting with the volunteers there, and I ended up signing up for Republican Women. We were invited to the rally next Monday as well. A lot of the local politicians who thought I was a reporter will be there. Hmmmmmmmm..... would you like to help me come up with some interview questions??

I really liked their candy dish. I think it would be fun to repurpose him as my garden gnome.

We got our yard sign and a button to wear. Then my patriotism overrode my photography-ism(??) and I stood the kids in front of the banner with the bright sun in their eyes to take a picture. That is a big rule-breaker if you don't want squinty-eyed subjects. I wasn't going to miss out on my photo=opp, though!
There was a pumpkin festival on the townsquare this morning, but we missed most of it by the time the kids and I got there. Matt went just to get out of the house (as if he is ever home these days!) but was happy to get a shrimp on a stick snack. Then we went over to see the scarecrows.

The boys didn't want to take their picture with the scarecrows. "We're too old for that, Mom." "That is not cool, Mom." So I said okay, and just took pictures of the girls.

Then the boys changed their minds and wanted to take a picture afterall. This is their mature and cool pose.
The reporter was there taking pictures of the scarecrows too. I hope she doesn't think I am stalking her. I can't help it that our towns are so small that scarecrows are considered news-worthy!

We finished our errands, and my head was pounding. I think I got hit with whatever had Todd feeling bad this morning. As I type this Faith is lying on the couch with a bit of fever and headache as well. I ended up cancelling my plans for tonight and we all just came home and relaxed. Hopefully it is just a 24 hour type bug that passes quickly.

This is a sign they put on our road a couple of months ago. Matt likes to tell me they put it up because of me. I have no idea what he is talking about!


Anonymous said...

I see you are raising the next generation of YR's and indoctrinating them well! Good job!!

You should have introduced yourself to your reporter when you saw her again. grin (tag is not allowed, oh well!)

I'm counting down the days! See you soon.

Hugs & love to all.


Melissa said...

I saw Matt helping carry food to a ladies car while I was at Exxon Staurday. I just sat there for a minute and watched. It's so great that you are your kids are involoved with things like that!

I also love the candy dish ;)

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a newspaper article about the sidewalks, in case you didn't see it yet.

Love you!