Monday, October 06, 2008

Catch Up Post #4... The blind leading the blinder

Matt's been complaining that things are "a little blurry." So I was finally able to get the insurance all straightened out and an appointment made to get him and Faith (who also says things are a little blurry) into the eyedoctor.

The doctor was asking Matt to tell her when he could see things. He would say,"I can read it now" and she would move onto the next letter. Sounds okay. Then she asked him to start reading the letters to her out loud. He started saying all kinds of letters and numbers that weren't even up there. Turns out the kid who thinks things are "a little blurry" is nearly blind in one eye, and the other eye is struggling too, and he has whatever the technical term is for near-sighted AND far-sighted issues. She wanted to give him bi-focals, but doesn't think he will wear them in school, so for now she has prescribed some pretty strong lenses and will see him again in six months to see if there are any improvements.

Then Faith had her turn, and she needs glasses for reading or seeing the board at school, but she won't need to wear them all the time. For her, certain things really are just "a little blurry." Unlike her brother, the master of understatement.

They had their eyes dilated. Matt's right eye dilated much faster than the left one. If you look closely you can see my camera in the reflective dilation.
After the dilation was in full effect, they each received an eyeball massage and received a clear bill of optical health. Looks fun, doesn't it?

Then it was time to pick out the new eye duds.

Matt's frames will make him look rather studious, but he won't be able to wear them for sports, and athletes do things like catch footballs or hit fastballs MUCH better when they can see the objects hurtling towards them.

Therefore, he is getting prescription sports goggles too. These don't look nearly as studious, do they?
Of course, we are waiting for the prescriptions to be filled and the glasses should be here this week. But thanks to dilated pupils, they both got to leave and spend the next couple of hours wearing their desiger paper shades.

As we were leaving and I took this shot, a man in the parking lot jokingly said, "No wonder they are blind... look how many pictures you take of them!" Harumph. I didn't even have my flash on. What does he know???


Johanna said...

LOL...had to laugh about the man's comment! Did you go to the eye doctor behind the BV square? That's where my kids go and I LOVE her...she is so sweet.

Frankly, I think Matt's goggles make him look like "Super Vegas"!

Jessica said...

lol love the glasses Faith looks really cute. Did Matt really get the red ones??? lol, I liked the other ones better lol. Tell everyone i said hi.