Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring

my children are snoring.... in my bed. There is a storm working its way in, but it is only rain so far. That didn't stop my littlest ones from deciding they all needed to pile into my bed in case there was any lightning and thunder. Cute, aren't they?? Please ignore the mismatched pillowcases. Jack always dresses his pillows in white. He claims I steal it from him at night, and having it dressed differently than mine is one way he can prove he is reclaiming his rightful pillow.

I had a wonderful weekend. I went hoping to have a calm weekend and came home renewed in every aspect of my life. Jack went the weekend before, and this is honestly the best thing we have ever done for ourselves, our kids, our marriage, and our faith.If you can ever attend an Emmaus Walk, GO! There are Emmaus communities all over the country. Feel free to holler if you need help finding one!

I am tired and need to go squish sleeping monkeys closer together so I can sleep. I am going to have them all three sleep on Jack's side. I am sure he will think it is adorable too(hehehe), when he gets home in a few hours, and he won't be able to say it was me stealing his pillow!

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Melissa said...

It is a great book, and yes, very well written. It's a long book, but worth the read!

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