Monday, October 13, 2008

Good things come in small packages

Last year we had to do a lot of winterization on our house. Our water heater was a propane-gas fueled monstrosity that was costing a fortune to keep running. It was also precariously installed, and had to be constantly checked to make sure the pipes weren't leaking dangerous gas fumes into our house. Instead of spending another small fortune to refill the propane tank, and then deal with the other issues again, we decided to check into an electric tankless system.

It arrived, and I had to use a visual to show how big the packaging is... or isn't depending on your point of view. It isn't even as wide as the Diet Pepsi bottle. Of course, this arrived on Thursday, about three hours before Jack left for the weekend, and so I spent the last four days staring at that divinely enticing package with its promise of reduced power bills and higher safety ratings. I drank that whole bottle of caffeine-charged Diet Pepsi to drown my anticipatory anxiety as I waited for Jack to return.

I came home from work today and found my favorite handyman in the water heater closet installing our new appliance. I get hot water that costs less, AND I get that entire closet to turn into a small storage area. I didn't even have to endure plumber-butt to get it done! Be still my heart!

Hello, beautiful. Don't you look lovely with your lights all lit up like that!

And the best news of all is that it works! We (I say that entirely tongue-in-cheek because the thought of me really doing anything with electricity or plumbing is extremely laughable) turned the power and the water back on, and with baited breath turned the hot water faucet. A few moments later, warm, hot-shower inducing streams began to pour out of that faucet. Heaven... warm, liquid heaven!

I can't wait to see what other miniature appliances are available out thereto make my life easier!

(You can purchase tankless water heaters at big box hardware stores, but they cost quite a bit. Our friend Chet referred us to the manufacturer, Titan, where we found them available for a lot less. Then on a hunch as I was about to place our order, I decided to see what was on Ebay. We found ours on Ebay for $200, and didn't have to pay any shipping. If you are looking for affordable ways to make your house more energy efficient, this is a great way to go. It only heats the water as it is needed, so there isn't a reservoir of water you pay to keep hot all the time. There isn't a lit pilot light presenting its fire hazards, and it costs alot less to run.)

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