Monday, October 06, 2008

Catch Up Post #5... Dog Training

Chet received The Dangerous Book for Boys for his birthday last year, and has really enjoyed digging into it the last few weeks. He has been tying knots, practicing magic tricks, and an assortment of other compellingly fun and dangerous things.

One of the things the book delves into is training your dogs. Chet found a rawhide bone, and rounded up Sammy and Beagle to begin their edumacation. They weren't particularly interested in the rawhide bone, but Sammy did enjoy sticking his nose in the book and nudging Chet's hand for some lovin.
Everytime Chet told them to do something, Beagle would scratch her ears and Sammy would nudge his hand. They weren't being very cooperative. Then CryBabyGirl came over to see what the boy and dogs and were up to. Chet asked Kyle to come help him by standing at the trampoline and calling the dogs to him.

The dogs didn't feel like getting up, but CryBabyGirl came running over when Kyle called for the dogs.
Then she rolled over and played dead. Apparently, The Dangerous Book for Boys isn't the master authority on how to train your dog, but we really recommend it if you need an obedient cat.

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Katherine B. said...

LOL! Love it! At least the cat is learning.