Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Catch-Up #3... Happy Birthday Jessica and Jocelyn!

I feel really bad about being late with this, but I was just able to find my disks with the right pictures tonight.

Jessica and Jocelyn both had birthdays during our September birthday week, and I wanted to tell them Happy Birthday!!

Here is Jessica with Daniel. He got all wiggly as I was taking the picture.
And here is Jocelyn with Ariel.
I can't show two of the grandbabies without showing the third one... Here is the littlest one, Morrigan. (The kids and I decided all the grandbabies should call me Mimsy... Gramma and Nana just sound toooo old to me! Since I still have pretty young ones, it needed to be something very different than "mom" or "momma", so "mima" was out too.)
Happy belated birthday, girls... we love you! Give the babies hugs and kisses from us! (Now Todd is after me to get his picture of him and Daniel up here... have to go find it too!)

Shush Katherine... I can hear you laughing. I am still younger than you! Hehehe.

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