Sunday, October 08, 2006

the after shot

The teenagers and I got some more work done this afternoon, and I made sure to take the follow up shots this time! This is what yard around the house looks like now. There is still some work to do to finish completely clearing it out, but I am so much happier with how much cleaner it looks now! (and the good news is that I don't think I did anything illegal today!)

This was yesterday's "before" shot. In front of all those bushes (which ran along the length of the house as well) were four storage crates buried in the ground and filled with dirt that we dug out. I have no idea why anybody planted storage crates, but I am glad they are gone now!

Today's workout came courtesy of the decorative stones laying all over the property. We moved them to the front yard to border the edge of the yard itself, and then built a planter with most of the rest of them. I need to fill the planter with soil of some kind, and then I have to figure out what and how to plant pretty vegetation in it. I need to get some grass seed for the yard itself to fill in the spots. When we get a chance, I want to order a couple of tons of gravel to re-gravel the driveway and fill in the parking area we cleared yesterday.

Jessica really liked the photo I used on this layout, so she spent some time today taking pictures of me trying to get a similar shot. Now I have to teach her how to start touching up her photos in photoshop. She is picking up the photo stuff pretty fast!

After she took this one, she said "C'mon Mom, work it! Be the sexy mama you know you are!" That made me laugh... a lot... and she kept on taking pictures as I laughed and got...

this shot, which I actually really like! I don't think I have any others of me laughing!

Beth and I spent some time during the early evening on the porch just watching the horses across the street. (I LOVE to watch the colts jumping around!)It was a rare quiet afternoon. My friend Brook took Faith, Chet, Todd, and Kyle to their house to play with their kids, the teenagers were at Sonic picking up a soda, and I got to spend an hour with just Beth. I fiddled with some of the settings on my camera and took a bunch of her. I was playing with my f-stop on this one. I love the blurry background, and I can't wait to take more like this with a better background.

Just pretend she doesn't have gum in her mouth!

This was my favorite. She was playing with a ladybug she found crawling on the new planter.

The weather here is beautiful. I think I am going to spend most of the day outside tomorrow. Maybe I will get some of the color on the porch I primered last week! I am hoping to get some scrapping in this week too. We'll see what happens!

I almost forgot to add today's Todd story. Before he left he went up to Tony with a very serious Todd expression and said "Tony, I have to go to Elijah's house and play today. Can you stay here with my mom while I am gone?" Did my four year old just hire a teenager to babysit me while he was gone??? LOL


Jolene George said...

You have been working your buns off! it is looking great!
I am cracking up at the work it like the sexy mom you are. LOL! She got some really pretty shots of you.
Yep! The 4 year old hired a teenager to babysit mom...hee..hee

Sarah said...

Hey Jenn, I sent you an e-mail, I hope you got it. House looks great. You look great to, you had mentioned in a earlier post that you are losing weight. What have you been doing? I can totally tell in your face. take care Sarah M.

Johanna said...

It's looking great girl! I'm glad you managed to stay on the right side of the law today!! LOL..

DAD said...

The house and yard looks great, are you going to have the rest of the rocks put around the front yard before I get home?? I hope you did not hurt any of the horses across the street with the smoke from the tires you should not have burned. After readying the blog I was trying to figure out what LAW you were breaking and if there was another fine to pay..LOL.. We got lucky right theres no fines?? Well keep up the good work and I'll see you in a few weeks.


Kara said...

hey chica!! OMG!! everything looks SO good. i really have to get some plane tickets because i am NOT driving there again!! LOL!! :D

everything looks great!! i am so excited that things are coming together for you.....soooo....when is our 'date'???
*HUGS* to you all!

Anonymous said...

LOL ... Todd is just toooo funny! Did you find the Painatrate? It really will help -- I promise! I'm counting the days until we get there ...

Love you...