Monday, October 09, 2006

Family Jewels

Have you seen Gene Simmons' Family Jewels??? This show cracks me up!! His kids are hilarious!! The show right now is about his biggest fan... uuuggghhhh.... sometimes I am so glad I am not a celebrity... LOL.

I didn't get anything done today but wash some dishes. Beth and I laid down about 11 and slept until it was almost time to go get the kids from school.

We are supposed to have a big cold front moving in this weekend, so it is going to frost on Friday. Now, don't laugh at me, but I have never been in a frost before and I cannot wait! I heard the flies can't handle the cold, so I am hoping the frost will take care of them!

I wish I was in Vegas right now! Memory Trends is going on this week, and I would love to be there to see all the new stuff, and have a chance to visit family and friends. So Chris, Jessie... any of my scrapping friends who will be there... oogle something cool for me while you are there... :0)


Jolene George said...

The long nap sounds great!
The frost sounds like fun to me too...just so long as you get to stay home and get to see it without being cold or driving in it...and I hope it does take care of those pesky flies.
I would so love to be in Vegas too!

Anonymous said...

Be extra careful if you are driving, especially if it's dark out ... black ice that happens during frost times is very dangerous!

I hope you all have nice warm coats by now!

I wish you were here, too.