Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mini Virtual Crop

If you are in a scrappy mood, and would like to be part of some fun challenges, head over to Scrap Village for a mini virtual crop! We will be there all day.

I only have this one done so far, but I will just come back and add others as I get them completed. later today I will be giving away a Cathy Zielski book, and other City Planners have things to give away as well.... I hope you can stop by!

Challenge 1:
For this challenge, create a layout incorporating ALL of the following: 1. the color blue 2. at least one brad 3. a repeat of the same embellishment, accent or design element at least 3 times 4. your handwriting (any amount of it will do!) 5. a photo or mention of someone you love 6. the word "beautiful" anywhere on the page

My page: Beautiful Cat

Challenge 2:
You know the drill, Villagers! Before you put your layout scraps away, make a handmade card with the left overs. Earn 1 point for each. Easy peasy. No limit here. And you're getting ready for the big holidays coming up. You know you should! *grin* Link back to your card here to getcher pointage.

• Boss Day - October 16
• Sweetest Day - October 21
• Mother-In-Law Day - October 22
• Halloween - October 31
• All Saints' Day - November 1
• All Souls' Day - November 2
• Veterans/Remembrance Day - November 11
• Thanksgiving (U.S.) - November 23
• AIDS Awareness Day - December 1
• Hanukkah - December 16
• First Day of Winter - December 22
• Christmas - December 25
• Boxing Day (Can./U.K.) - December 26
• Kwanzaa - December 26
• New Year's Eve - December 31

My cards: Thank You

Challenge 3: For this challenge, create a layout...any layout...but at least some of your journaling must rhyme.

My Page: Peek-a-boo (horrible scan... sorry about that!)

Poem says:
silly baby, funny girl,
I love the way you fill my world
with little antics meant to hide
your pretty face from peeking eyes
first a grin, then one hand up,
the arm across the eyes
the other hand comes into place
to make a three year old's disguise
days will pass and so will this,
our sweet game of peek-a-boo
where you think if you can't see me
then I cannot see you!


Sharla Hunt said...

Hey Jenn!

I checked out your layouts and work at Scrap Village. I love your work! Keep it up!

I hope things are going well with your transition to AK. It looks like you are all enjoying the country life. I miss the wide open spaces from home (AZ). I am still in UT, enjoying the change of weather into fall.

Take care!

Johanna said...

Love your cute poem! I wish I could have joined you, but we had to go to town...there's a new mall in Rogers that is really very nice. They have a Sephora store. I had to go and check out what all the fuss was about. Now I know. I'd sure like a little shopping spree there! We'll have to go cruise the mall one day while the big kids are in school.

I hope you are enjoying this rainy day. Talk to you later!

Jolene George said...

Loved the layouts and the card. I always use my scraps for cards. I need to make more because my scrap file is HUGE and is in desperate need of being thinned out.

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