Thursday, October 12, 2006

Recently asked questions

I noticed there have been some questions posted lately, so I am going to try to answer them. Let me know if I forgot anything!

Are you going to Seattle? No. I love Seattle, and it makes me sad to know I won't be seeing Sarah and Sue and baby Elissa, but it was the same weekend as the Sacramento show. (Katherine will be there, though, so make sure you say hi if you are in the classes!) Due to scheduling conflicts with Jack's current "commute", I didn't think I would be working anymore shows this year, but arrangements have been made and I will be teaching in Sacramento in a couple of weeks. I do love the California shows, and I am looking forward to seeing my friends again!

Where did you get the puppies? They are so sweet! The kids' choir leader owns a chicken farm, and her dog was the mom. We knew we needed a couple of dogs, and heeler/border collie mixes are our favorite (Red is such a good dog). Red is getting old and deaf and lazy, and Barkley is a great dog, but if something is happening that doesn't concern Chet somehow he just doesn't care! So when Missy asked if anybody would like a puppy, and told me what kind they were, I said yes! Then I couldn't bear to break up the brothers, and we wanted two anyway, so I brought them both home. So far, they haven't made a single mess in the house, and the crate training is going great. I have them sleep in the same crate at night, which will work until they start growing into those paws. By then they should be housetrained completely, though, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal.They are my little shadows outside, and they love playing with the kids!

Are you related to the Wellborns in Wyoming? Honestly, I have no idea. My husband's dad passed away when Jack was 8, and he doesn't know anything about that part of his family. I do have family in WY, but they aren't Wellborns.

How have you been losing weight? When I need to go upstairs, I run up them instead of walking. I am eating small portions, I increased my exercise amounts, I supplement the exercise with intensive labor, and I am drinking lots of water. I drink very little Diet Pepsi now. I dance with the kids almost everyday, which is a fun way to get the heartrate up and going. What I really need to do now is add some strength training somehow. The weight is coming off, but my arms look horrible!

Today was wonderfully cold! Kyle's teacher said "I bet you wish you were back in Nevada with all this cold?" and I said nope! I love the chill!! Call me Jenn Frost... this is great! (Nobody here says Nevada right... they all say Nay-vah-da, which is only "right" in Spanish... LOL... those of us who were desert-born call it Nuh-vaaaaa-da)

I have some projects due in the morning that I am working on tonight. I have one finished and the other is still in the contemplation process. I will post them in a couple of days after the feature is released. I am heading back to the scrap table now. I love these late night quiet hours!



Sarah said...

Thanks for answering my question. those puppies are just so dang cute. Jenn you'll have to let me know when you will be in Orange county so I can come see you. Take care, Sarah Murphy

Jolene George said...

The puppies are stinking adorable!
I love how you've been losing weight. It's all realistic you don't feel like your being tortured. :o)

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