Thursday, October 05, 2006

Long day

I don't have any pictures ready to post right now. It has been a long couple of days.

Jack has been sick for two weeks, and I couldn't get him to go to the doctor while he was here. Yesterday he left work and went finally, and the doctor wanted to hospitalize him. He has pneumonia, but he won't let them hospitalize him right now, so I am hoping he will at least take it easy and let himself recover without getting any worse.

I have been scrubbing, sorting, and dejunking the house. There actually isn't much dejunking to do, but I try every week to go through and clear out anything we don't need, don't want, and don't use. I am finding it so liberating! Yesterday I had everybody strip their beds, so today I am finishing up that big mound of laundry. Exciting, isn't it... :0)

Good news, though... Matt's team played two jamboree games on Monday night and won them both. It was the first game I wasn't able to go to, and he played through both games and won... I just knew they would do that when I couldn't be there to get pictures... LOL They have a regular game tonight, and I am sure they will do wonderfully well since I won't be able to be there to witness it either!

I had somebody see some of my soccer pictures, and tell me I should go talk to the local newspaper about selling them some of my shots. It seems they are always looking for good photos for coverage of local events, so I think I will check into that.

Anyway... I need to get back to work and finish up my to-do list. Talk to you soon!


Jennifer Stewart said...

Good for you for dejunking, Jenn! I so need to continue that around here. We have way too much "stuff" that means nothing.


Kara said...

that is totally cool!! :D yea for you!! i am doing about the same. de-JUNK!! brought some things to consignment, there is a big sale in austin.
hope that all is well!! :D

Jolene George said...

Gosh I NEED to clean and de-junk so bad around here.
You tell Jack he HAS to take it easy. Make him spend the whole weekend in bed. It's better than being in the hospital.

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