Thursday, October 26, 2006

Proud Mom

I mentioned the parent teacher conferences yesterday. Then I didn't get a chance to get back online. Sorry, Mom. Anyway... I have never sat down at one of these before and had a teacher nearly make me cry!!! Chet's teacher started out by saying' "I have to show you something," and then she set this paper in front of me and said, "He did this all by himself."

He spelled it by himself. He made his groupings by himself. My little guy who has struggled and struggled to get sounds, and connect sounds to make words, and has cried over the battles he has had to try to learn to read and write did this ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I am getting teary again... I am so stinking proud of him!! And I love his teachers... such wonderful ladies!!

I got all of the kids' report cards, and they are all doing well in school, even with a couple of trouble spots here or there that are being worked on. Chet brought home the highest GPA, and has more A's than anybody, so we celebrated that as well.

I have been cleaning, and hanging art, and doing laundry, and getting rid of misc stuff today. Tonight I took the kids to their last soccer and football games. Matt got to be part of his team's final touchdown tonight, and Faith's soccer team came in first in their division. Myself... I am doing the happy happy happy dance that I have a break from sports for a few weeks!! (I will post those pics later... they aren't uploaded from the camera yet.)

By this time tomorrow night I will be visiting and talking with my mom, and I cannot wait. I have lots to do before she gets here tomorrow, but I don't really care if it all gets done right now. I am just glad we get to spend the weekend with her.

My dryer is buzzing again... maybe I will get the laundry all done before sunrise... LOL.


Jolene George said...

That is wonderful! You got me teary too. I'm glad the kis are doing so well.
Enjoy your time with your mom.

Kara said...

hey chica!! glad to hear that things are good with chet!! goooooooo CHET!!! :D

glad that all the sports seasons ended on a high note!!

*hugs* to you girl!! looks like we will be working 2 different destinations next week! SIGH. miss ya girl!

Johanna said...

I'm so glad your kids are doing well. I was so afraid after the trouble you had at the begining of the year.

Billy and Ed are going to bring Jacks stuff over later. I'll give you a call to find out where to put it. Have fun with your family!
I can't wait to see your artwork!