Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy birthday, Todd!!!!

Today is my baby boy's 5th birthday.... sob! He is getting so darn big!! We love you, Todd! Quit growing up so stinkin' fast!!! (he is so funny... everytime he puts this shirt on I can hear him laughing as he gets dressed. He loves that it says "my sister did it")

He wanted his picture taken with Superman while we were out there this morning.

I have pics from the weekend to share, but they are all in reverse order... LOL We had Todd's party yesterday afternoon before my mom and Bob left. Then he and Elijah spent an hour playing with his new race track and Spiderman motorcycle before it was time to leave.

Yesterday morning we all went to church together. I was taking a photo of the kids with Mom and Bob, and a man offered to take one of all of us. Chet is almost as tall as I am now. When did that happen??

On Saturday, Mom, Jessica, Faith and I went to town... literally. We headed down to Springdale to buy some groceries and other goodies.

We bought a few groceries. It is a good thing we took the back seat out of the Expedition... we needed every inch of room the truck had to offer!! (See my lovely new breadmaker in there? I am going to start playing with that this afternoon!)
Mom, Bob, and Jack all got in Friday night. There was a wreck on the freeway (sadly some of our local teens were killed in it... it breaks my heart) so their arrival was later than planned, but it was still so good to spend the weekend together. Mom is coming back in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait to get to spend more time with her.
Just a couple of shots from Matt's last game... I love the one of his coaches talking to him.

Here he is walking off the field for the last time this year. Turns out I was wrong about that break from sports... LOL... basketball starts next week.

Here is Faith's number 1 team after they got their medals.

I am getting things together to get ready to head to Sacramento this week. I am looking forward to spending a few days in a big city again! I need to see if Sac has an Ikea... LOL


Sue said...

Happy birthday Todd!!! And Jenn, I have loved reading your blog and catching up! I wish you were going to be at CKC Bellevue but I suppose you are a buit busy at home :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I love the pic of Todd and superman...years from now when he looks back on the pic he will just smile!!

Jolene George said...

Happy birthday Todd...what a cutie! Great pictures.
I see that you shop like I do. :o) I always completely fill up the bed of my truck.
I'm glad you had a nice visit with your mom. No rest for mom since the kids are moving on to the next seasons sports, huh?! :o)

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Todd. I love the t-shirt too. My boys would love that!!

Jen from UK x

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