Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I forgot to add these blocks that I made for the last feature at ScrapVillage. These block sets are some of my favorite things to make! If you want to see close-ups of each block, or get a supply list, they are in my gallery here at ScrapVillage.

I needed to take Matt in to get some booster shots today and get a full copy of Jessica's immunizations for school, and while I was there I decided to go ahead and start getting Beth and Todd immunized. There are about a million different opinions about immunizations, and just as many reasons for why people have those opinions, but after Chet was one of the .03 percent of the population to have a near-death reaction to an immunization, I decided to hold off on any further shots for my kids until I was able to do better research and feel better informed about the shots. So now they are getting the rest of their immunizations, but only one at a time, and I will not be getting them the live chicken pox vaccine. They were not so thrilled with my decision... LOL

Beth was fine at first, but admittedly, she had no idea what was coming. The happy-go-lucky smiles lasted until needle met skin, and then she was just so broken-hearted.

With Todd, however, there are no happy "before" pictures. He heard me give the charge nurse his info, and he piped up with "Why are you signing me up for shots? I don't want a shot. We are here to get Matt shots, not me!" The bench I was sitting on to hold Beth had these cubbies underneath, so he decided to hide under there in the hopes we would forget he needed a shot too. No such luck.

After I pulled him out, and talked him into holding still, he got his shot. When the nurse told me to bring him back next month for he next one (she was awesome about understanding my reticence to combine shots, and was extremely cooperative and pleasant!) he said, "I am NOT getting anymore shots." I said, "well, not today" to which he replied, "Not today, not tomorrow, not ever!" Later as we were buckling back into the car he said, "You let her hurt my arm so I cannot buckle my own belt." I have a feeling that it will be a long, long time before Todd forgives me for today! LOL
I got home from picking the kids up from school, and I found Scarf and Superman sitting like this on top of my decorative ladder on the porch. Aren't they cute? I think they use the ladder as a way to stay up off the ground away from the dogs, and away from the open ground in the yard when the hawks are circling overhead.

I just got done finishing laundry and picking up the house so it will start out clean tomorrow. I am going to go read a book for a while now. Have a good night!


Johanna said...

Portia said you were getting the kids shots. You are so funny. I bet the nurse loved the picture taking!! LOL Poor Todd...has he forgiven you as of this morning? I sure hope so. Have a great day!

Kara said...

oh!! mean momma!! LOL!

the kitties are getting SO big!! WAH!! i still want one!

sorry about the other night. my phone completely died!! UGH!

Jolene George said...

LOVE the block Jenn!
I completely understand about the shots. When my Cole was little we were driving to the clinic to get shots. He was trying so hard to be brave, but the closer we got the more he cried. When we pulled into the parking lot he said "but I don't want to die" Apparently in his mind he thought the shot was a bullet from a gun. Poor little guy. It broke my heart thinking about how he felt.
Love those kitties!

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