Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Window Shopping

I have discovered that I love window shopping online! Fashion Bug sent me a postcard today with boots 40% off, so I had to go look. I do love boots... LOL

I found these

And these

Jackets are on sale too.

I like this one (so cute with the last pair of boots)I just can't decide if I like pink or camel better!

And for the first time in my life I really need to get long sleeved shirts. I like these
for layering. Is it wrong to want one in every color?

I love this one

and this one (That would be a fun accent on a page.)

Anyway.... it is time to stop daydreaming and get back to work. I got all the bathroom cupboards sorted this morning. Now I am back to the laundry labor. Check back later if you would like to see the latest on Chet... :0) Yesterday I had parent teacher conferences, and as soon as I get my scanner plugged in I have the best thing to share!


Kara said...

hey chica!! window shopping in your jammies is SO much fun!! :D

well i finally told chris! ;) things went SO, SO, SO good. we are going to FL. right before the holidays.

let me know next time you get the fares to LV. chris wants to come too!! maybe we can do a double date?

Anonymous said...

You little tease, you! What is the word with my grandkids???

Can't wait until Friday when I get to see you all in person.



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