Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another week gone

Time is just flying lately! Soccer and football season both end next month, which should free up some time. However, right after that starts the next athletic season as well as Christmas season, so who knows... LOL

Beth made it very clear that she wanted a pink cake, so that is what she got! We didn't get to have her little party until after the soccer games, so she was pretty tired by the end of the night. This was the first birthday where she really "got" what it meant, and that is always fun to witness!

I got this picture of Crybaby the other day. He was sitting on the deck in the backyard watching Jack and I getting the kids' volleyball net set up.
These are just a couple of Faith and Kyle as they played one of their games this week. They are really enjoying soccer. Thursday we had two soccer games and Matt's football game to attend, and it was coooold outside! The weather here is beautiful, but I am going to have to get some earmuffs or something for the cold nights when I need to be soccer/football mom!

We went in on Friday to take a family picture, and all it did was remind me how much I hate the staged seating/ uncomfortable feel of standard studio photos. I ordered the free 8x10, but I didn't buy any of the others. When I got the kids outside, I took these individual shots of them instead, and then Jessica took the picture of Jack and I. I need to do some touch-up work on them, but I still like them a lot better than what was being offered.

I found the scrapstores in Springfield, MO, and tomorrow I might head into Bentonville, AR to see the store there. The girls and I are spending the afternoon scrapping together. I will post what we get done tomorrow... maybe even later tonight. Have a great week!


Jolene George said...

How did I miss this post??? I saw the one of Beth with her cake, but not the family pictures....hmmmm
I don't much like studio pictures either. I like the ones you took. You and Jack look so cute!

Alannah Wellborn said...

Are you related to any Wellborn's in Casper, Wyoming?