Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beth-isms of late

There are machinations of the childhood mind that both mystify and amuse me. My kids always keep me laughing, finding new ways of being funny as they explore their world. Here are some recent Beth stories and quotes.

The Leg Warmer Sleeves:

I told the girls to dress warmly for church. They needed to wear tights and long sleeves. Beth wanted to wear a sundress. I told her she had to wear a long-sleeves and her knit tights with it. I saw her a few minutes later with her white sundress, her brightly colored striped tights, and a green sweater she received for Christmas. We bundled up in coats and went to church.

When we got to church, Courtney asked if Beth could sit with her. I sat in our regular pew, and Little Stinker sat with Courtney three rows behind me. At some point she shed the green sweater. The music worship time was over, and the kids were called forward for time with the pastor. My little girl marched by me with her brightly colored striped legs, her white sundress with narrow straps, and hot pink leg warmers on her arms. Apparently she had put them on under her sweater, finding an inventive way to follow my directions to "wear long sleeves". I guess I should have clarified that the sleeves should have a shirt attached. There was much chuckling to be heard amongst the congregation.

A Foreign Voice:

"Mommy," Beth said when she got home from preschool a few weeks ago, " I want to change my voice to panish." (Spanish)

No Need for S:

A tired little voice called out to me in the truck on the way home the other night, "My tomach i tarving."

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jenn,

The best "revenge" (spoken tongue-in-cheek) in the world is seeing Beth follow your instructions! I just laughed and laughed tonight when I read this post. I can only imagine what she'll be coming up with when she hits those "rebellious" years ahead. You'll need to be on your toes all the time because she'll be a challenge to you, even as quick as you are with comebacks. She is decidedly your daughter alright!

Give her love and hugs from Gramma Pam. And some for everyone else, too.