Friday, January 09, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Matt wanted to be able to eat sushi for his birthday. He also wanted to go to Game Stop to get some xbox 360 headphones. He wanted to get his driver's permit. And he wanted to be able to spend the day with me. We did the best wecould to make it all happen.

To be able to get his permit, the state of Arkansas requires a document from the school stating he has a C average. The grade average isn't a problem. He makes A's and B's. However, the school won't have the papers until next week. We will have to try then for the permit.

But he did get to spend the morning at work with me anyway, and then Jack and I, and Beth and Faith (who had stayed home because of a headache that began the night before) took him to a Chinese restaraunt in Harrison that also happens to serve sushi. In a couple of weeks when we make a run to Branson I will take him with me to eat at Wasabi.

Sushi is one of his favorite foods.
We took him to the Game Stop in Harrison, which had about 15 game items and shelves and shelves of discount make-up, scrapbook stickers from 12years ago (no kidding), old lotions, etc. It looks like they are opening a discount bent and dent type of place. He left disappointed, so we took him to Walmart to try to find theheadphones. No luck there either. However, after we dropped Chet off at pottery that evening, I ran him over to the Berryville Walmart where he found the headphones. Whew.

After we got home again he disappeared into his room with his headphones, and wasn't heard from again until this morning. Apparently he really liked his gift!

He wants a homemade pumpkin cake, which we will bake tomorrow - after I go back to the store and buy cream cheese for the frosting.

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Melissa said...

So funny that you mentioned the make-up and stickers in Game Stop, I walked by there and saw that through the window, what's up with that??