Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Fresh Coat

Over the last couple of weeks we have been re-arranging rooms and getting things ready to do an overhaul on our house. We are working one room at a time; painting, replacing floors where necessary, creating adequate storage places, etc.

Today we started with the Blue Room. When we moved in this house I painted this room a blue that I thought would be a pretty robin's egg blue shade. Instead, it was hideously aqua. I am proud to report that it is now a truly lovely shade of light robin's egg blue. The girls' room is going to be the same shade.

The girls had a great time helping us paint. We had them get the corners and trim started.

This picture doesn't do justice to how aqua the original blue was, or how lovely the new shade is after three coats. In fact, after the first coat I was extremely worried that I had gone too light and the walls would look white with a blue-ish tint, which would make for ghastly photos.
This is the closest I have to a "before" shot. The bookshelves are out of there now, the walls are that lovely blue, all of the window trim, doors, and stairway railings are Country White, and after three coats the blue is just perfect. I will take new photos tomorrow when there is light again.

This is going to end up being an upstairs den/library. In two weeks we will be installing wood flooring (I hate carpet, so we pulled all of it out of the house.)We are lining the long wall with shelves, anchoring them to the walls, and putting the baseboards around them for the built-in look. The piano is staying up here, we are replacing the dangerously low and ugly brown and brass fan with a light fixture, and finding a loveseat which will fit better than a couch in this room. All mylife I have wanted a true library/reading room, and I cannot wait to see it done.
Actually, I can't wait to see the whole house done.

Because as soon as the interior rooms are done, we are enclosing the front porch and expanding our kitchen and living room. I can't tell you how great it is to have a handy hubby, great friends who are willing to come help out and have the know-how to get it done, and girls who don't mind getting some paint under their nails! (and in their hair, and on their clothes, and on the floor)

So if you are ever really bored on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon over the next few months, swing on by and we will put a hammer or paintbrush in your hand and set you to work!

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