Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weak in the Knees

I can honestly say that working out at Curves three times a week has been physically easier than I expected. I haven't experienced any extreme aches and pains, even though I have noticed some muscles in odd places. The stretch exercises after the workout are exquisite. If I could, I would buy one of those stretch jungle gyms for my home and treat myself to the luxury of being stretched one muscle at a time daily. Maybe even twice daily.

Today I went with Debbie and Crystal, and we decided to go through the circuit three times. I am still not feeling pain from it, but my legs are weak and wobbly. I feel my calf muscles in a good way, but they don't want to work. If I had to stand on my tippy toes at the moment I would probably tip over. It wouldn'tbe a pretty sight, yet. Give me six months of regular workouts and it might be a more graceful tumble.

After youth tonight, I came home and realized I hadn't even thought about what picture I would take for today's challenge. It is pitch black outside, and my current lighting isn't much better, so my options were limited. Then I saw this stack of books in my room and realized I had found a good subject. These are from the shelves that were in the blue room. As soon as the flooring is installed we can get the shelves into place and put all the books in their proper places.

These books are from our homeschooling days. I have held onto them because I have a weakness for books, and I knew the kids would still benefit greatly from having them. After I took the pictures, Chet really noticed the stack. I told him he would probably like Gulliver's Travels, and that he didn't have to wait until they were back on the shelves to start reading any he is interested in. I left him to his browsing, and he just walked by with ten and told me, "This will be good for now." My knees may be weak, but my spirit is soaring. I love seeing him love to read.

I thought about using Faith as my photo of the day, but all her photos all came out like this.
In real life her left eye isn't almond shaped. It must be some other strange recessive gene from Jack. I love that goofy grin, so I had to share the photo with you.

Now I have to go be domestic and change the laundry. Tomorrow is Matt's birthday, and I am taking him to take his driver's test. Wish him luck. Wish me fortitude if he passes because he will want to drive home!

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