Monday, January 12, 2009

A Junque Nest

Jack brought me a present yesterday. He and Josh were out in the field planning a fence line for a special new boarder who will be arriving in a couple of weeks. (More on that later.) He saw this little nest which had apparently fallen out of a tree, and correctly thought I might enjoy it.

I do admire the tenacity and dedication it takes the tiny fowls to create a cozy home for their offspring. This nest is only about 4 inches wide, which tells me it is a smaller species of bird who built it. I love the little details they so carefully build in; the tightly woven bottom, the pieces of plastic, the sticks, , the leaf sticking out the side, and the yellow wrapper carefully interlocked to make a safe haven. But my favorite part is the page from the dictionary.
Any bird who builds reading material into its walls is a right fine speciman in my book. To see how the dictionary page is crumpled and junqued up so lovingly really made my day. I hope this creative little soul will find her way back this spring to build another junque nest. I hope she brings all her feathered friends, too. I wonder if I leave a whole dictionary and some stamped images out there if they would build me a junque nest village to enjoy next winter.

God really is in the details, isn't He?

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