Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time for a change

I like having red hair, but after a while it starts to get brassy. And the grey grows out. And I start feeling restless. Then it is time to go darker, closer to my natural shade for a while. Today I went back to basics. Clairol and I had a meeting, wherein I entered her office a greying redhead and came back out a shiny brunette. However, the dye really soaked into my dry hair, and instead of dark brown it looks nearly black. The kids are having a heydey with it.

So Jack took some pictures of me for me to update my avatars and such with. This one is his favorite.
My camera is not a point and shoot. I don't have a remote for my camera. Jack doesn't like adjusting controls on it. Therefore, when he takes my picture he really tries to get it focused and clear, but I usually end up with "soft" shots like this one. Even worse, this one really shows the bags under my eyes. Jack really tries, though.

Matt likes to take pictures too. He tries really hard as well. Unfortunately, my viewfinder is small and he can't see in it with his glasses on.

So he takes them off and uses his naked eye to focus.
And well, you can see how well that works. If you have a nearly blind son, you may not want to give him a camera set on manual mode to take your avatar photos.
Unless, of course, you don't mind looking blurry. After all, it does hide those bags under the eyes pretty well!


chris jenkins said...

like the new hue - the darkness will fade a little over the next few days and you will love it - i think jack did pretty ok with the camera - great shots of you.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great! Love you...MoM

Katherine B. said...

Beautiful photos Jenn!!