Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo(s) of the Day(s)

I didn't get to post last night due to the fact that my eyelids wouldn't stay open. What a nuisance.

There is a stunningly beautiful spiderweb outside of Faith's bedroom window. I am hoping to be up literally at the crack of dawn (uuugggghhhhh) to try to get some shots of it with that soft morning light shining through it.

Yesterday's picture ended up being a project Faith has been working on this week. Jesse and Sam sent the kids a box of glow in the dark puzzles last year, and Faith has been working on putting them together. This is her favorite so far.
Beth started running a fever last night, and this morning neither she nor Todd were feeling up to speed. Todd spent the day in my chair while Beth snuggled in the pink chair. As the day went on she gathered up more and more static, and by the time I got home her hair was standing on end. Her hair does this more than anybody's, probably because it is still so fine. It reminds me of a dandelion.
The kids and I are going to finish watching the American Idol gag-ditions, and then they are heading off to the Land of Nod while I huddle under a blanket as the "arctic plunge" (weathercaster's words, not mine, but chillingly accurate) leaves me shivering from the inside out. Hopefully the shivering will burn off a calorie or two I may have missed at my Curves workout today.

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chris jenkins said...

sorry to hear a little one was running a fever and it's been cold - i would bottle up some Vegas sunshine and send it your way if i could :)