Monday, January 26, 2009

Change of Plans

We were supposed to be leaving for St. Jude tomorrow. It appears the weather has finally made a firm decision about whether it should be warm or cold, and cold has won. We are in the middle of an ice storm, along with several of the mid-southern states, and our area is projected to receive half an inch to an inch of ice. Therefore, in the interest of preserving our lives and not sliding off a mountaintop on our trek towards Tennessee, I called the doctor today and we rescheduled.

Now we are hunkered down at home. I went to the store today and got some essentials like batteries and Diet Pepsi. School let out early today, and has already been cancelled for tomorrow. The news said we can expect to start hearing trees cracking within the hour, so I am keeping an ear out for that, although they generally talk about the weather in actual cities and not what is happening in these little one-horse, two million chickens towns. None of our limbs are actually falling off yet, but you can literally hear the trees freezing and the ice cracking as the wind moves the limbs around. The big oak tree in our little orchard is the one I showed above. It is stunningly beautiful, but incredibly difficult to photograph with my stubborn camera.

If things go well, I will be snuggled at home with my wee bairns tomorrow, drinking hot cocoa and dining on soup. I will brave the cold outside long enough to take some pictures of ice trees in the daylight to share. I hope all of you under this ice umbrella are safe and warm!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Jenn, Stay Safe!!