Thursday, April 17, 2008

December 06, 2006

I snapped this one of some of our naked trees the other day. Just ignore the ugly garden in the bottom corner... I still need to get that cleared out! It might be spring before we do, though, because it is cold out there! We might have snow tonight, and we are under a severe weather alert. I love it, but it is chilly!

This is one of the cows who loves to sneak through the fences and eat our grass. We really don't mind if the neighbor's cows come visit because it is less mowing for us, but I do think they are a little silly. She gets on this side, then realizes she can't get back and starts mooing for her baby, who can't get to her either... lol... so some mornings we wake up to a lot of cowtalk outside our bedroom windo.
I didn't get Thanksgiving pictures taken much because I was so busy. A couple of ladies came and helped me cook a huge dinner for some people in our area who had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving dinner. We ended up with 50 people at the dinner, and then we fed 106 more with the same dinner a couple of nights later. It was a really rewarding experience, and the kids had a lot of fun being there. Our friends and their kids came to help as well. Here is a shot of Todd and his bestfriend Talon goofing off while they waited for their food. One of our cats, Princess, simply adores Kyle and wants nothing to do with the rest of us. She wasn't even sure she wanted me taking her picture, but since Kyle stayed put, she did too.

We got our tree put up the other day with the four youngest ones. Matt and Chet were off at some friends' houses visiting, so we waited until we could all be home to finish decorating it. We should finally have all the decorations out and up tomorrow.

This is our new tile floor in the living room. In fact, I grouted that section of the floor... :0)

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