Thursday, April 24, 2008

Matt's Big News

We have had a busy week. This is the last week of the highschool baseball season, and Matt's team was supposed to play their last homegame on Tuesday. Mother Nature wasn't in a cooperative mood, though, and sent some severe thunderstorms this way instead. After waiting a while to see if it would clear out, the other team forfeited. Team pictures were being taken afterwards, and since Matt was in his uniform I took some shots of him too.

Here he is with a couple of his teammates and coaches after they left the dugout. All those spots are rain. While they waited to get their pictures taken, I sat in the truck. Matt and his friends started waving, so I took some more pictures while I waited. Their last game is tomorrow night. Good luck guys!
Here is Matt's big news, and we are really proud of him! His art teacher nominated him to be in the US Achievement Acadamy's Who's Who in Art yearbook, and he has been accepted! This makes him eligible for some big scholarships towards art school! We are sending in his bio form tomorrow, and looking forward to seeing it all in print in the yearbook!

This weeks' Walk for Sidewalks event was a longer walk. Jack and I went with the kids and walked from the trucking company near our house all the way to the school. You can't see Todd in this shot since he is right behind Faith, but he was there too!
I had to take a shot of the cloud formations the other day. I thought it looked so cool the way the cloud seemed to be melting across the sky and erasing the blue areas.
This is a mud fountain that Beth, Kyle and Todd made yesterday. They wanted to make sure I put it up here for Gramma and Uncle to see it!
Matt isn't the only aspiring artist in our house. Faith drew this picture of me last week. It makes me laugh.
My sunburn has finally faded to a dull roar. There are still blisters I am waiting on to heal. With all the rain this week the grass I mowed to get this burn is already tall again. Sigh.

We are gearing up for a busy weekend. I will be back with more to share soon!

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Johanna said...

Way to go Matt!! I can't say that I'm surprised..he's got such a talent for drawing.

By the way, Faith's drawing looks just like you!! Teehee..

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