Thursday, April 17, 2008

December 16, 2007

Santa mailed the younger kids letters to remind them he would be here soon, and to be good. Todd is starting to worry a little bit. I heard him telling the others "I try to be good! I'm only naughty sometimes!" hehehe... he cracks me up!!

It has been a busy holiday week! Today I took the kids to a ballet recital that several of Faith's friends were in, and then we went to a concert at the church tonight. Sometimes I don't feel like we are ever home anymore! Here are some shots from this week.

Beth and Todd curled up in the chair together to watch TV while I was cooking dinner last night. They both looked so tired!

It snowed yesterday, and although we didn't get as much as was predicted, the kids still found enough on the cars to make snowballs. Can you tell that Kyle just hit a brother who wasn't paying attention with a well-formed snowball?

Even the dogs enjoyed playing in the falling snow with the kids. Sammy got right up on the car and sat in the snow that Faith was trying to gather up!

There was one who wasn't that interested in playing in the snow. Chet realized I was making fudge for a cookie sale at church today, and while his siblings bundled up to brave the cold, he got caught scraping the extra fudge out of the pan!

Here are pics from the parade last weekend. The kids' float won first place in the church sponsored category!

The weather keeps fluctuating from warm to cold, and it is wreaking havoc on my lungs. I am sick again, and this time it has settled in my chest. There is still a lot to do this month, though, so hopefully I get over it soon. I haven't even really begun my shopping yet because I haven't had a chance to get into a town that has more than one store!! Ah well... that is what the last minute is for right?

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