Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meet Beagle

Chet has been wanting another beagle. This little girl needed a new home, so my friend Brenda gave her to Chet. Her name is actually Beagle,and if we say her name several times in a row she starts to sing. She is two years old (which is how old Barkley was when we got him) and she is a sweetheart. I simply adore the fact that she is already house-trained.

Beth adores her too, and loves taking her for walks around the yard.

I walked down to the pond today, and suddenly this frog hopped up next to me and sat there for a spell. I tried taking pictures of the dragonflies that he was watching, but they didn't turn out.

The bees and butterflies are returning too. The monarch wouldn't sit still for me, but this little bee cooperated.
Today was yard beautification day after church. We got most of the property mowed and cleaned up, and now I am bright, bright, BRIGHT red. I used the pushmower for a while and my legs got a really good workout. It was using the riding lawnmower that left me a toasty shade of lobster. At least I was wearing a tanktop. Maybe this year I won't end up a weird shade of neopolitan ice cream from different tan and burn marks! Tomorrow when I get home from work I need to get some serious work done in my garden. I am determined to have a great garden this year. I pledge to leave the corn in its rows and only yank the grass out. I will keep my green beans and my peas away from each other since they can't play nice together. And if the Great Pumpkin appears and attempts another garden coup, I will literally nip it in the bud.

I have to go to bed now so I can get up for work in the morning. Good night!


Johanna said...


I'm so glad to read you again! I am an awful friend. I think about you all the time, but I'm not quite sure where the time goes. (I need your e-mail so I can write at midnight when I finally have a moment!)

Take care...Chet is in our prayers always.


Anonymous said...

Okay...third attempt to leave a comment...I'm very, very glad this is back up again...I miss seeing my grandkids!!!!
Love and hugs...


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