Thursday, April 17, 2008

January 07, 2008

It has been a fairly quiet new year so far. The most significant thing so far is that Kyle turned 8 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday, Happy Boy!

Josh and Mystery were over on Saturday to celebrate his birthday. He got some pretty cool toys. This just shows his Spiderman walkie talkies and his cap gun set, but they got him a remote control robot that actually flies. We had tornado-type weather today, so he hasn't had a chance to play with it now that it is charged. Maybe tomorrow we can get it outside and take some pictures.
I have been working more with Photoshop everyday. This was a picture I took of myself the other day and then played with some filters to see what would happen. I thought this one was kind of fun .

Seriously, the kids must think this is what I really look like sometimes... lol

The other fun news from this week is that Faith has started singing in the praise band at church. She is really good at it too. I am really looking forward to seeing what some training does for her voice! Matt has started learning to play guitar too, and is going to praise band practice as well as his lesson each week. One of the girls in the band who plays guitar is going to college this summer, and he might be taking her place if he can get lessons in during all of his sports.

The break from sports is over. Baseball practice has begun, so Matt has been there each afternoon. Kyle will be playing baseball again this year too, but we are going to skip softball and t-ball. LOL... Faith hated softball, and while T-ball was funny to watch the kids get bored so quickly, and trying to get 5 kids to 3 different games in different towns was a bit too much last year!

Matt is turning 16 tomorrow. Can you believe it? I can't. I am just not ready for it. Sigh. He is having his party this weekend. Sniff. Sniff sniff.

I mentioned the tornado-ish weather, and it is still going on. In fact, there have been a couple in Missouri already tonight. We are under a tornado watch right now, but we really don't have the weather and worries that other areas do. The temperature has been really nice the last couple of days, though. In fact, Beth wanted me to let her fill her pool with water (from the hose that is iced over... lol) and let her swim yesterday.... lol.. I told her no.

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