Thursday, April 17, 2008

Halloween 2007

We had a great time tonight. We took the kids to the church for the fall festival where they played all the games and came home with a mountain of candy. There must be 20 pounds of candy in their combined bags.... ugh.

The girls were punk rock fairies... and Beth loved her purple hair! I found the leg warmers, wings and crowns at this really fun little craft store here that sells lot of jewelry and costume pieces for less than a dollar. I made the little skirts with some cotton, tulle, and lace, and the girls raided my jewelry and belts for finishing pieces. The leg warmers had people calling them 80's fairies... they were cute, whichever decade they were inspired by... lol

The little boys wanted to be pirates again this year. They also raided my jewelry for accessories... lol. Don't ya love the bushy eyebrows?
Chet's costume was one of my all-time favorites. He was a money tree, and he said if anybody tried to take his hard-grown money he would whack them with a branch. We stapled the play money all over his shirt, and clipped some in his hair, and then I smeared brown eyeshadow all over his face. It isn't in this picture, but his candy bag was an old white pillowcase that we wrote dollar signs on. This costume fit his little banker personality so well! He had a lot of fun!

Matt decided to go as Indiana Jones this year. He made a whip and had rope tied around his belt that you can't see in here. He is a huge movie buff, so he came up with the costume on his own, but I had to laugh at how many of his peers had no idea who IJ is. All the other 80's moms got it, though... lol

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