Thursday, April 17, 2008

November 21, 2007

Faith turned 10 today, and she was so excited about it. Since they are out of school for Thanksgiving, she got to come to work with me today. Her party will have to be next weekend since most of her friends are busy this weekend, but we had cake tonight anyway. Happy birthday, Sweetie... we adore you!

She was in a play last Saturday with the High School drama club, and she just loved every minute of it. Her part was small, but she took it so seriously and got to be friends with a lot of the other kids during the practices. My shots from the play itself did not turn out well, but here she is taking her bows at the end.

Matt is in the Drama Club too, and worked as a lights operator for this play. His football schedule interfered with practices, so he will have an acting part in the spring play.

Jack is going hunting for another deer in the morning. It has been snowing off and on tonight, and it is expected to be about 20 degrees when they leave in the morning, so he went out tonight and got some head gear to help him keep warm. Sitting in a tree in the cold and hoping a deer comes out isn't my idea of fun, but he is looking forward to it. I hope he does catch a deer, though, because the jerky is so good!

On Sunday we went to Josh and Mystery's house for an early T day dinner. Here is a shot of Todd enjoying a turkey leg. Tomorrow we are cooking a community dinner at the church, and even though it will be a long day, I think it will be fun as well. We are supposed to have between 50-100 people there... lots of turkey!!

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