Thursday, April 17, 2008

December 07, 2007

Faith cut ten inches off her hair yesterday to give to the Locks of Love foundation. She was so thrilled with how long the ponytail ended up being. She has a cute cut, and she can still pull it up in a headband or clips if she really wants it out of her face.
What she really loves is how it flips up in the back now!
These are the kinds of moments where I am glad I usually have my camera with me. Beth and I were driving down our dirt road when I looked in the rearview mirror and saw one of our dogs chasing a cow out of our yard. She ran behind the truck and I caught the first shot in the side mirror. Along with the dog chasing her, the neighbor's horses joined in the race as we passed their fence, and I am sure she thought I was chasing her in the truck as well. Poor cow. She probably won't be back soon to eat the grass.

I was playing with some flash modes today, and shot this one of Beth with her bedhead when she woke up from her nap. She opened the door and decided it was too cold to come out and join me.
This is one of the few shots of Jack where he doesn't look bright red... I will have to use this mode more often with him!
And here are some shots of some of the animals. I had to laugh at the black cat's photo... it is blurry but her expression is priceless... "Are you taking my picture??"

And this is another picture I took of one of our almost naked trees. I took this one with the bench under it for scale. It is very wintery outside today, and you can see that in this shot. It should be snowing this weekend, and I can feel it in the air.


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Ah ha...found it!!! I'm so glad you're blog is back up again...I missed seeing my grandkids!

Love you...


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Here's another comment...

Love you big time!!


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