Thursday, April 17, 2008


It has been a busy month, full of activities and events.

On Sunday, Jack and his friend Josh took our little boys and Josh's little boys fishing. Todd claimed every fish he helped haul in as his own, so he decided he had 7 fish.

Kyle did reel this one in all on his own, but he didn't much like holding it in his bare hands. I imagine he will get used to it if he keeps on fishing. He had a blast, as evidenced by the dirt he is coated in from head to toe!Football season is almost over for Matt. Tomorrow is his last home game, so I am charging the camcorder to get some footage. He wanted me to take his pictures the other day, but he didn't want to smile at all. It isn't cool for football players to smile, I guess... lol.

I did get him to grin in this one a little.

There he is in the middle tackling the guy with the three on his jersey. I kept my camera focused on him everytime he was on the field, and the two times I had to look away are when he tackled the opponents who had the ball... sigh. I was actually surprised to see this one show up on my image upload because I didn't remember taking it!
I was shooting some shots of the boys playing soccer when I looked to my right and saw Jack coming towards me with Beth happily chasing behind him and laughing. It isn't great lighting, but I love how happy she looks!
There's my little miss sunshine again!
Kyle and Todd are both playing soccer this season. This was their first game last week when the kids didn't have their team shirts yet, so I am looking forward to this week's games so I can get some with the team jerseys. This year Kyle has been much more aggressive about getting in there and getting to the ball.
This is Todd's first official sports season, and you would think he had won the lottery he was so over the moon about it. The little guys are my favorite teams to watch... they are all so cute!

Here is Todd's coach high-fiving him right after he kicked the ball in the goal. Go Todd!

This barn caught my eye. I want to enrich the blue sky behind it since the cloudy overcast made it look white, and then hang it in my kitchen I think. I love old barn buildings!

I just couldn't get a sharp shot of this busy bee because he wouldn't hold still for me, but this one came the closest. I was glad to see him. There was a huge shortage of pollenating honeybees this year, and nobody is really sure what happened to them all.

This beauty is getting ready to head south with all his other pretty colored pals. The birds are really starting to squawk in the trees again as well, so I know the migration process is really getting into the works. The trees are all changing too... I can't wait to take new autumn pictures!

Here is a caterpillar who just hasn't metamorphasised yet. There were about 8 of them crawling around on this errant weed, so we left them and the weed along.

Chet and Beth both had their birthdays this month, turning 11 and 4. Beth loves frogs (which is okay as long as she keeps them outside and doesn't set them free in the house anymore) so she had to have a froggy cake. We had about 25 kids over for their party, and it was actually pretty calm considering how many there were!

I am going to take a new headshot since the sun was right in his eyes in this one. He is getting so big!

This bear was a 25cent yardsale find that has become one of Beths best friends. She can't shove him all the way in her backpack, so he hugs her all the way to school. She loved going to preschool on her birthday. Show and Tell was all about her, and they had cake and played games.
Chet found her a frog for her birthday, and again, it was in the house. This one didn't get to escape, though. After pics we set him outside to hop home.

Here are Faith and Beth playing with the birthday girl's sidewalk chalk. They like to trace each other on the cement.

Faith has been chearleeding this season instead of soccer, and she seems to have found her calling in life. She absolutely loves it, but that is no surprise.

Matt went to Homecoming two weeks ago, and decided to go to the game with his school spirit. He washed it off before the dance, and then had a lot fun at the dance. He taught himself a dance called Soulja Boy by watching it on YouTube to be ready for Homecoming. I am so glad he isn't shy about getting out on the dancefloor!

And this is just a random shot of a happy little Todd. We were at Debbie and Kevin's house for dinner, and he really enjoyed exploring around their pond and having Kevin take him for a ride on his 4-wheeler.
I think the majority of the worst of the stressful situations have been dealt with, but you never can truly tell anymore. I love my job, though, and school is still going well. I have been working at home and plowing through my Algebra lessons so I can take my final next week instead of waiting until Christmastime. That will leave me more time to complete my comp assignments, which have been the hardest thing for to get through. I love to write, but finding the time to sit and write thoughtful well-written pieces has been a challenge!

Chet has a new doctor, and he is talking to St. Jude's about getting him there for some new treatment programs they have for his disease. We won't know much more about it until we are there and talking to the specialist, but it is the most exciting news we have heard in years... and possibly the scariest.

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