Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little King!

October 30, 2007

My baby boy turned six today... (quiet sobs) He was so happy this morning when he got up... and it made me smile as I remembered how it was when he was born. He was the easiest delivery, and the doctor, the nurse, and Jack and I were all laughing when he was born. I have always said that is why he is so funny... lol... he was born into laughter. Today was no exception. Earlier tonight he was talking to my mom and he told her "School is awesome! My favorite parts are recess, lunch, and second recess!" Spiderman 3 was released on DVD today, and it was the number one item on his wishlist... in fact, he is convinced that they released it today specifically for him... lol. This isn't a great shot, and I plan on taking nice headshots of him this weekend, but here he is. Happy birthday Todd!!

Today is also my Sam's birthday. Happy birthday, Sam!!! She and my brother got engaged over the weekend... woohoo!!

Tonight was the elementary school fall festival, where the king and queen of each grade level are announced. Todd was voted the king of his class, and Faith was chosen as the queen of hers. Kyle only missed being the king in his class by one vote. Here is a shot of my royal children... lol

This is Todd with his queen from his class. All of the kindergarten classes had a queen and king, and all five of each got to be king and queen for the whole grade. They were so adorable!!
This had to be the funniest part of the night. One of the kindergarten kings didn't make it to the festival, which left a little queen on her own. So the teachers set her up with Todd and his queen, and he got to escort them both down the walkway. There has been a LOT of laughing and teasing Todd about his two queens tonight.
This little boy asked Faith to marry him on the first day of school last year, and this year they are sitting together. They were voted as king and queen of their classroom. I told Faith that if by some turn of fate they do end up married, we will make sure their royalty pictures are shown at their wedding... :0)
Apparently, the majority of the fourth grade thought they made a pretty good king and queen, because they were also voted as king and queen of the whole grade. So Faith came home with a crown, and a smile a mile wide. I don't have any great shots of the crown yet, though!

I took this before we left today... my little birthday king needed a nap to get rested up for his busy night of escorting his two queens around. It was such a fun night. (I was playing with a sepia filter on this shot.)

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