Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some recent pictures

I thought I would officially start blogging again with some recent photos. I haven't really put these in order, so prepare yourselves for a bit of rambling!

As we were watching Kyle's practice the other day, Beth asked me to take her picture. Then she struck this pose. The horns were funny enough.... the lizard tongue had me dying laughing.

Here is a more angelic version.

Kyle is very quickly getting back into the swing of baseball. He is so good, and I love watching him! He had just hit the ball in this shot. One of these days I will actually get a shot of the bat in contact with the ball!

The intermediate school had its annual chess tournament a couple of weeks ago, and Chet and Faith did very well. Faith won first place for the 4th grade, and Chet won 2nd for the fifth grade. They will both be competing in the five-school tournament for a regional championship. Faith is the only girl from Green Forest!
We put on a Walk Through Jerusalem event at church on Easter Sunday, and despite the planning time I lost being in the hospital with Chet it came together very well. Jack and Kyle were carpenters, and Matt was a Roman soldier. Beth and Faith were bakers and Todd was a potter. I was... well... a photographer from the Holyland Tribune... lol.

After everyone had gone through the marketplace, Matt arrested Kyle and then compelled him to carry his cross to the hill. Here is Kyle trying to be serious.

And now skipping back a bit, here is Chet playing his second to last game in the tournament. Actually, this is Chet winning the game, becase that is checkmate on the board.

I just liked this shot of Chet practicing chess the night before. He likes to play himself, going back and forth across the table as he plays both sides of the board.
Here is Todd hanging out with Jack at the ballfield last week.
The guineas have come out of hibernation and are clucking around the property again. Sadly, the snakes are out of hibernation too. Ick.

And here is Kyle's very first practice drill of the season.

After a month of the strangest weather... tornadoes, floods, snow, and heat all within days of each other... our grass has suddenly shot up very tall and green. It was time to dust off the mower, gas it up, and start the ghastly battle of keeping it short. The kids were thrilled! They get to ride along in the cart, and if Jack needs something picked up they can jump out and grab it.
And here is Todd hanging out on the monkey bars.

The younger kids have all been participating in a weekly walk to school to help get sidewalks built in town. Each week they walk with a different head honcho. Here are the girls on the walk with our Chief of Police. After we got to the school, Beth and I caught a ride back to town with the other adults from the walk, and had to laugh because when I list who was in the car it sounds like the start of a bad joke. " A Methodist secretary, a Baptist pastor, the chief of police, the VP of the Chamber of Commerce, and a 4 year old are riding in a car.." Sorry... I don't have a punchline for you! :0)

This week we walked with the State Representative. Chet's bestfriend Tyler came along for this walk.

And here is Faith introducing herself to the Representative King.

I have a really funny video of Matt I want to put up here. Josh and Mystery brought a karaoke game over last week, and it was an absolute blast to play. As soon as I can figure out how to add video again, I will get Matt and Josh singing "Superman" up here.

I need to create an updated banner for this fact it really needs a whole new facelift. Maybe tomorrow I can give a fresh new look. Until then, I need to get some sleep. Talk at you later!

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