Thursday, April 17, 2008

November 16, 2007

I was married to a Man-in-Brown for a week... :0) UPS men are my favorite... lol... they always bring cool stuff and never bring bills or junk mail. Jack started there as a temporary seasonal worker last week, but yesterday he was hired full-time and begins on Monday (woooooohooooooo) so he gave his notice and turned in that wonderful uniform today. Sigh.... at least I have pics!

We took Beth out for an ice cream cone the other day. I think it is too cold for ice cream, but she feels it is a treat for any occasion... lol.
Todd came home with a headband he was really proud of yesterday. "My new name is Braveheart!" he proclaimed. I have to laugh at how the sun is shining through his ears in this shot.
Matt and Chet got started in Boy Scouts again last week, and tonight they are camping with their troop. Jack went with them to make sure they got set up okay. He took pics of them starting to put the tent together, but none of them with it done. Chet was really excited about it... this is his first campout. They will have one every month, and Jack will usually go along with them, but he is leaving at 4:30 in the morning to go hunting. Look out Bambi.... you are featured on several upcoming meals... lol.
After he got back from setting the boys up, he crashed on the couch, and Beth went to sleep on her daddy pillow. I love how they have their arms the same way.
I didn't get to take autumn pictures last weekend. We ended up being too swamped! Tomorrow is a busy day too... Faith and Matt are in a play, Jack will be gone all morning hunting, I have church commitments in the middle of the day, and we are going to a neighboring town for a Christmas parade and lighting ceremony in the evening. It should all be fun, but busy!

It has been getting cold again, and it is entirely possible we may have snow on Thanksgiving... I hope so!

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